Resident tattoo artist


Born in 92 and a lifelong neighbour of our neighbourhood Bilbao la Vieja, our tattoo artist Gorka specialized in traditional style. His work is strongly influenced by his teacher and mentor, Unai Ibáñez.

There has always been a great friendship between Tattoo Adicts and him. Gorka wanted to know more about the tattoo world and the aesthetic that surrounded it.

He began to get tattoos with the different artists of the team and gradually the relationship was strengthened until in 2014 he began to work with us.

After 3 years of hard work he finished his learning phase and is currently one of the family.

Although Gorka began training in scientific studies, he was always struck by art and tattoos. Its main references are the female figures of paintings and engravings of nineteenth century artists such as Francisco De Goya or Velázquez.


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